Painting To Life: Coffee Struggle

Log Line: A person wakes up and struggles to get their morning dose of coffee, but through perseverance succeeds.


One morning, a person wakes up and feels they need a cup of coffee. they go over and see that there coffee beans bag is empty. Forcing them to go out a get there own cup of coffee, he/she struggles to find a place without a long line. Clearly in pain and not happy that he/she hasnt had their coffee, the person is forced to make a quick decision. Sitting on a bench, rocking out to some music there is a person with a cup of coffee. On another bench there is a person with a mug empty from already being used. He/she sees the opportunity, when the person with the mug isn’t looking he/she sneaks up and steals the mug. Next, he/she moves in for the kill on the coffee. He/she sees an opportunity when the person is rocking out so hard to the music that their eyes close. The person opens the others coffee, pours it into the mug, closes the persons coffee and it seems as if nothing ever happened. He/she runs around the corner, looks at the coffee and smiles as it warms up his/her hand.


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